Who Am I?

I am Josiah Robinson.

I’m a follower of Christ, husband, and psychological researcher living in Birmingham, Alabama.

My goal with this site provide think through ideas, issues, and doctrines alongside the audience in a thorough, gracious, and beneficial way. So, this site will serve as a theological scratch pad where I share with you what I’m thinking through.

I read, think, and write on a number of topics, but there are a few areas that I gravitate towards:

  • Soteriology (Theology of Salvation)
  • Theology of Body, Sex, Gender
  • Levitical Law

Perhaps you’ve come here because you and I had a conversation on one of these topics. Maybe you’ve stumbled across my page on Google. It’s possible I posted a link on social media that led you here. However you arrived, I hope my writings prove beneficial for you.

The thoughts shared here are meant to sharpen the author, serve the audience, and ultimately glorify the Lord. Please pray this project remains faithful to that end.



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