Atheistic Worship

This post is directed at atheistic worship. Atheistic worship might seem kind of impossible though, how can you worship something you don’t believe in?

Do you just get together with a bunch of other non-believers and gather to non-worship? No, of course not. That’s like asking non-smokers if they get together and non-smoke.

But we still press those who do not share our faith, and rightly so. We sharpen our apologetic swords and rush into the non-believers’ camp on the battlefield of belief.  We have many tools in our arsenal, and we wield each with precision.

How can they not see God? How can you look at Niagra Falls or even the sky and not admit to God? How did life come from non-life without someone to direct it? Why would the early church have endured persecution and executions for a Man that wasn’t what He said He was?

And so on and so on for endless conversations. We leave the battle drained and frustrated. We win a few, but the majority don’t budge an inch. How can they not respond?  We question the non-believers, but often share their same attitude.

Hold the phones, Josiah. I’m a child of the King. I’m redeemed. I believe. I had a response.

That you did, and I commend you for it.

But you still might be sharing the atheists’ attitude.  Allow me to present you with a question, much like the ones we throw at non-believers.

How can we experience God’s infinite grace and not respond in worship? 

If you ask any semi-mature Christian they’ll gladly tell you that God’s grace has saved them from Hell. Their sin was placed on Christ’s shoulders, and God’s wrath that was deserved of them was then poured out on Jesus, the spotless Lamb. They’ll say Christ’s resurrection 3 days later allows them to live a full life here on Earth, but more importantly it allows them to have an eternal life, an everlasting life.

That’s heavy. My cross, my lashes, my nails, my crucifixion, my sin was imputed on God’s sinless Son. The only thing I have to do is accept this gift of salvation in faith.

That should evoke an overwhelming response, right? That’s a pretty big deal.

And we do have an overwhelming response initially, to accept salvation, but then our fire slowly dwindles.  

We sing the same songs, listen to the same sermons, gather with the same believers that we did when we were passionate, but it’s different now.

We don’t feel any different week to week. We don’t look forward to church like we used to. We no longer have that sweet hour of prayer; we’re doing good to fake 10 minutes now. We don’t sing like we used to. We don’t feel The Spirit’s presence like we used to. We’re just going through the motions now.

We’re faced with the evidence of God’s grace and mercy everywhere, everyday. But then we don’t respond. Just like the atheists we so often criticize.

That is atheistic worship. The atheist is faced with evidence of God and lacks a response. We do the same exact thing in being faced with the evidence of God in our lives and exercising a shallow worship devoid of passion.

So I want to challenge you, Church. Rekindle the fire you first felt at your conversion. Fall in love with Christ all over again. Remind yourself of your sinful condition and Christ’s unrelenting love for you in spite of it. And then respond.

Don’t have empty, atheistic worship.


6 thoughts on “Atheistic Worship

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment.

      Forgive me, that is a bit of an oversight. I meant to clarify.

      I am not defining what atheists worship. I’m not saying they worship themselves, an idea, or anything else. I’m equating an empty worship exercised by Christians to the lack of response by atheists.

      The atheist is faced with evidence of God and lacks a response. We do the same exact thing in being faced with the evidence of God in our lives and exercising a shallow worship devoid of passion.

      This was written through a Christian lens for Christians. I’m sorry if there’s any confusion. Is any of that still unclear? Comment back, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

      Thanks for reading, I look forward to talking with you more.

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      1. Wonderful. Well I was speaking broadly, not to a specific argument.
        One that comes to mind is existence of the Church itself. If Jesus was a fraud or a mad man the Church would’ve never lasted the century. Christians were crucified upside down in tar and beheaded and split in half for following Christ. Followers of Christ were placed in economic, social, and physical exile. There wouldn’t be people devoted to Him thousands of years later if Jesus was a just nice guy that made people feel good. Jesus and God affected people in a way that radically changed them. They wouldn’t have endured such things if not.


      2. You do realize lots of religions faced persecution and that people have died martyrs to all kinds of causes and that it proves nothing about the validity of their claims, right?

        That’s not evidence mate.


      3. I do indeed. My point is that it affected people. Most people aren’t intellectually ignorant enough to follow something that is insignificant and doesn’t affect them.

        Jesus is substantial. Jesus is either the being that changes everything or is a fraud that should be ignored and erased from history.

        Also, our two definitions of evidence different. This is normal, though. In court two people are faced with same set of facts and yet have different views and positions.

        I see every blade of grass, every ladybug, every cloud, every inch of the universe as evidence of God. That’s not to say God can’t work through scientific processes, I don’t believe in magic.

        But I see no other explanation for the existence of anything apart from God.

        Life has never been observed to have come from non-life. A rock has never grown a tree, for example. And even at that, where did the non-life come from?

        Spontaneous generation has never been observed. You can’t have something come from nothing.

        There’s no physical evidence of that. There has to be a start, a genesis of everything.

        And to that you say there’s no physical evidence of God, which is true in essence. I can’t take to you to a corner of the cosmos and show you God. But I believe in something I cannot see.

        Atheists believe in what they cannot see as well. We just believe in two very different things.


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