7 Things You Learned After Your Freshman Year Of College


You’re a big kid now. College wasn’t necessarily a picnic though, you learned some stuff. You’re now the wisest you’ve ever been thanks to college. Let’s recap just a few things you might’ve learned in your freshman year.

1. College ain’t no joke


You heard everyone say college is hard, but you had no idea till you’re at your wits’ end and in the trenches. The difficulty of the work usually isn’t that intense, it’s the amount. Having to juggle assignments from your different classes is exhausting. You’ve mastered multitasking though. So that’s a plus.

2. High School was terrible


Can you imagine staying in the same building for 8 hours? Eating lunch at the same crappy cafeteria every single day? That’s awful. Sure, you did it for four years, but now you’ve tasted freedom. You can eat lunch wherever you’d like and hammock outside between classes. Yay independence!

3. Sleep is for the weak


You might not have had to last 3 days on 3 hours of sleep during finals, but you felt it. You probably pulled an all nighter. You might have only gone to bed before midnight like twice. That’s fine, that’s more than most.

4. Eating alone isn’t bad


High school you would’ve dreaded sitting alone in a room full of people at lunch. No one eats lunch alone if they have a choice, right? Wrong. You realized it’s alright to sit in a hall with a few hundred other people socializing and be completely alone. In fact, it’s one of the most peaceful parts of your day.

5. Professors are people too


You come into college imagining a strict old man that lectures fast and won’t answer questions. Don’t get me wrong, those guys are definitely out there, but you learned that most professors aren’t that bad. They’re real with you in a way that your high school teachers couldn’t be. They’ll talk about being hungover or about being a “horndog” in college. They’ll level with you. They’ll say they won’t grade your paper cause they’re watching football this weekend.  And biggest thing of all is that they cuss. In high school some teachers did, but it was always scandalous. Here, it’s commonplace.

6. Balancing free time and school


The problem is that you have to do the vast majority of your work in your time outside of class. This might’ve been difficult for you, since there are literally hundreds of other things to do. You can take up cactus keeping, rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, start a band, join the ballroom dancing club, and so so so much more. You’ll eventually have to bite the bullet and do your school work, though. The key is to do it earlier than the hour it’s due.

7. College is only as fun as you make it

This is the big one. College is a world of opportunity where you can branch out and discover yourself. You can do all the things mentioned above and so much more. You can create friendships that’ll last a lifetime. You can unearth a passion you never knew you had. Or you could sit in your room and watch Netflix for 16 hours straight. You could’ve gotten out ahead of your work, or get swamped. You had a choice to make college awesome or awful. Which did you do?

That’s just scratching the surface of what you might’ve gotten out of your first year of college. Did I miss anything? Do you have a funny story? Let me know in the comments!