So this is my blog/website/cactus…

It’s 8:31pm in Birmingham, Alabama and I just started a blog… or is it a website?


We’ll see I guess.

I’m excited to be honest with you, ambiguous reader. I know this seed can grow into a beanstalk that not even Jack or the Giant could surmount. It can be an exchange of ideas so beautiful it could be known throughout the planet, becoming a household name.

But for now, this is just a seed.


And this is just a cactus.



I recently received this cactus and the fishbowl as a gift.IMG_5139 I’m excited for my cactus to grow in size and eventually bloom flowers in the late Spring. I don’t know exactly what the flowers will be, they’ll be a cocktail of orange, yellow, or pink, but I can’t know. Until they bloom at least.  I have to be careful not to over-saturate or ignore my succulent to ensure this. My brother and my Dad actually have a bet on how soon it will die. (+1 for family support!) But I’m confident I’ll be showing you this same cactus in May with gorgeous flowers that’d wow even the greenest of thumbs.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love this cactus…but it’s been rough upfront. Repotting this thing with an oven mitt was a little less than ideal. There was a scream or two or three, and even while taking these pictures I pricked myself a few times. It’s difficult starting this plant for sure! But I know it’ll grow easier with time, and eventually I will see the fruits of my labors. It gets easier. I’ve found this fact to be true in most everything in life:

It takes the most energy to get started.

…and I’ve started! So the hard part is done!

Now I’ll be babying my cactus and this site… watering, checking, watching, sitting, waiting, wishing… And looking to see what they will become!


9 thoughts on “So this is my blog/website/cactus…

  1. Beautiful post, Josiah, and obviously you are an extremely gifted and intelligent young man. I am sure both the cactus and the blog will grow i excess of expectations! Lastly, I thank you very much for your very generous comment on my post. I am greatly honored.


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